Who Wants To Raise Chickens?

Raising chickens used to be for farmers only, but over the last few years this has become increasingly more popular, and not just for getting eggs. Chickens are great pets with many great things to offer.

Yes chickens have great personalities and you don’t have to worry about them growling at you or biting you. Don’t get me wrong there are some that would rather play and cluck on their own, but this will depend on the breed and the individual chicken itself. These gentle creatures will offer you endless hours of amusements.

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Important Factors of Your Chicken Pen & Chicken Coop

They are lurking all around your chickens just waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. Chicken predators are out there and it’s up to you as the pet owner to protect them as best as you possibly can. And this will all begin with the chicken pen, and chicken coop.

When you are creating the chicken pen you will want to ensure that even if a fox, dog, raccoon or any other rodent tries to get to your chickens by digging that they will not be able to dig a hole right into the pen. In order to accomplish this you will need to dig the fence into the ground.

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Raising Chickens In The City

So many city people are beginning to raise chickens, because they see the many great benefits that they have to offer. The fact that chickens do not require much space or need much maintenance owning chickens in a city is possible. But just because you want to get chickens it does not mean that your…

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Preparing Your Chickens For The Winter

As the temperature begins to drop it’s important that you begin to prepare your chickens for the cold winter months. Your chickens must be protected from the cold in order to stay alive and continue to produce eggs. Keeping your chickens warm should be a high priority, and there are many things that you can…

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Preparing For Your New Chickens

Raising chickens in your backyard doesn’t require too much work, but initially you will need to work a little harder to set everything up and ensure that you have everything they need to live healthy and happy lives with you. A good healthy chicken will live to be 8 – 10 years. That’s a long…

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Learn How To Take Good Care Of Your Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are without a doubt the most adorable little creatures around. Their fluffy yellow fur gives them the appearance that they are bigger then what they are. Don’t be fooled these baby chicks do require a bit of attention, as does any newborn baby animal. Baby chicks are a bit of a handful, they…

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Feeding Your Chickens

What to feed your chickens will ultimiltey depend on what you expect from your chickens. Do you want them to produce organic eggs? Are you just raising them as your pets or are you looking to plump them up to eat for meat? Firstly, feeding your chickens is extrely simply. Chickens will eat almost anything…

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The Various Breeds of Chickens

There are many different breeds you can select from when keeping chickens. What type of chickens you finally decide to keep will depend on what’s available in your area as well as your purpose for keeping them. Here are but a few…

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