Raising Chickens In The City

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So many city people are beginning to raise chickens, because they see the many great benefits that they have to offer. The fact that chickens do not require much space or need much maintenance owning chickens in a city is possible.

But just because you want to get chickens it does not mean that your town is going to allow you to do so. I would suggest that before you spend any money on the chickens and the necessary supplies that you first do some investigating by calling your local anima control office. They will be able to tell you what the laws are regarding owning chickens in your backyard.

Many areas will allow this, but will not allow you to have a rooster. Which is completely understandable, I mean who wants to hear a rooster cock-a-doodling at sunrise morning after morning. I know that if I were your neighbor I would without a doubt be knocking at your door.

There are many types of chicken breeds, and different breeds will do better in smaller area’s then other breeds. And there are certain breeds that are less aggressive then other breeds, so if you have children then you will want to choose a chicken breed that is less aggressive such as the Ameraucana or Australorp. You will be surprised at just how many different breeds of chickens that there are, and how many different sizes, shapes and colors that these birds will lay.

Once you figure out which breed that will best suit your needs and requirements you will need to begin preparing for your new chickens. There are many things that you are going to need to do before they arrive, such as providing them with shelter that will protect them from predators, weather and offer them a place to lay their eggs (this is called a nesting box).

You can find many different types of chicken coops that you can purchase that will accommodate city area’s. Of course the limited space that you have will determine how many chickens you should get. For each chicken they will need 2 square feet of space. This will help your chickens to remain healthy, and if you are looking for good quality eggs then you will definitely want them to be as healthy as possible.

Being prepared for the arrival of your chickens will allow you the opportunity to enjoy them a little more. Let’s just look at some of the other supplies that you will need if you want to give your chickens a happy and healthy home.

Heat lamps for the colder months, or for baby chicks. Chicken wire that will be used to create an area for your chickens to run free and get they’re much needed exercise daily. When you are building the chicken pen it’s important that you are digging this wire into the ground. This is going to keep rodents out of the area and keep your chickens safe from their reach.

And if you have a dog it’s even more important for you to keep them safe. It’s instinct for a dog to go after chickens, so try not to get so mad at him or her when they do it.

And of course you are going to need chicken feed, how much of it will depend on your budget and how many chickens that you have. You will want to also add some additional foods to their diet to greatly improve their health such as protein, and Omega 3. This is going to improve the chicken’s health and also improve yours if you are eating their eggs.

Raising chickens in your backyard can be a great deal of fun and offer you great amusement and free eggs and there’s no reason why you can do it in the city.

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