Who Wants To Raise Chickens?

Raising chickens used to be for farmers only, but over the last few years this has become increasingly more popular, and not just for getting eggs. Chickens are great pets with many great things to offer.

Yes chickens have great personalities and you don’t have to worry about them growling at you or biting you. Don’t get me wrong there are some that would rather play and cluck on their own, but this will depend on the breed and the individual chicken itself. These gentle creatures will offer you endless hours of amusements.

Animal lovers, health fanatic’s, gardener’s (both organic and traditional) have seen the many great benefits to owning chickens. It’s no longer just for the entrepreneurs to make money on their eggs or for meat.

The fact that raising chickens doesn’t require much work or a large amount of space makes it that much more appealing to many people of all types. The minimal space needed allows people living in the city areas to enjoy raising their own chickens.

As with any type of new pet that you are about to get you want to learn as much as you can about them. There are things that you should know, such as what the does and don’ts are in order to keep them safe and healthy before you buy your first chicken.

There are many different parasites, diseases and predators that can harm your chickens. You will need to know about the different causes and preventions of them in order to protect them from the things that you can prevent.

Chickens are extremely sociable and enjoy your company as well as the company of other chickens. They are funny to watch as they play around with one another. Their curious nature forces them to get into some trouble so be sure that your backyard is chicken proof. You don’t want them to get hurt.

Gardeners love chickens for much of the same reasons. People that enjoy growing their own food will also love producing their own eggs as well. Let’s not forget that gardeners also love the fact that chickens help to produce amazing gardens due to their natural fertilizer that will aid in your organic garden.

Chicken poop will help to improve the quality and quantity of your garden no matter which type of garden that you have. You will not want to add their poop directly to the garden but rather mix it into your compost.

Raising chickens is nearly hands free during the summer months. And there are many accessories that you can purchase that can make most of the other months pretty much hands free, such as self watering systems, and feeders. Of course you will want to take the time to spend a couple of hours each week playing around with your chickens and ensure they are let out of their pen on a daily basis.

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