Chicken Keeping “Basics” Series – Chicken Feed & Feeding

In the coming weeks we’ll be talking about hatching chicks and raising them through their first year and we will address nutrition for young birds at that time. But for this week, we’ll address the nutritional needs of birds that have reached the point of coming into lay. What you put into your chickens is…

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Feeding Your Chickens

What to feed your chickens will ultimiltey depend on what you expect from your chickens. Do you want them to produce organic eggs? Are you just raising them as your pets or are you looking to plump them up to eat for meat? Firstly, feeding your chickens is extrely simply. Chickens will eat almost anything…

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Chicken Feed Ideas & Suggestions

Quality chicken feed makes for healthy chickens. If you’ve chosen to raise chickens, it’s imperative that you choose the best possible feed in order to ensure you’re making the most of your investment. Raising chickens is a big commitment, they require constant care and proper nutrition. For these reasons, it might help to take some…

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