Small Scale Hen Keeping – Reader Success

Hi Duncan and Wendy, Just thought that you’d be interested in my 4 Isa Brown Hens. Have had them since the beginning of February 09 and so far they’ve had 194 eggs. They normally lay one egg per day each except when the ‘supervisor’ and her cousin Peanut terrorized one of them and she wouldn’t…

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Baby Chickens; The Importance of Fresh Water

Second to heat, water is the most important thing your newly hatched chicks need and that is the topic for this week’s “Basics Series”. A few weeks ago when we talked your chicks hatching, I mentioned that it’s important to allow the chicks to thoroughly dry before you remove them from the incubator and place…

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How Do Chickens Bathe Themselves?

“How do chickens bathe themselves?” ~ Katheryn Nutter Katheryn thanks so much for the question. Chickens are naturally clean animals, particularly if their living conditions are ideal. If they have sufficient space and the coop is kept clean, your chickens will usually look pretty good. An exception to this is just before and when they…

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