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“I have a number of chicks of various breeds and various ages. It is coming close to the time when I need to segregate them into breeding flocks and not have them mixed. What is the best method of intro to prevent any squabbling or fighting for the top position? Also, I have hens that do not have a cockerel, but I have a cock that is of a different strain and want to introduce him. Is there a preferred method or can I just put him in with them? Many thanks” ~ John

Thanks for the question John.

The brief answer is that they’re all just going to have to work it out.

Ensure that everyone has enough space to be comfortable and that there is space for hiding when those lowest in the pecking order need a break from being harassed.

Providing extra feed and watering stations will help also.

As I’m sure you know, intervene only when a death seems eminent.

It’s best just to let everyone bicker and squabble until they’ve worked out the new pecking order.

As for the rooster, chances are that the ladies are going to give him a really hard time at first. In most flocks, the rooster is at the top of the pecking order. Often times in a situation like this, he will not be at the top. Give them some time to work it out also.

In the coming weeks, watch to see if any of the ladies will allow him to attend to them. If not, he may need to have a flock of younger birds in which he can establish dominance.

Best of Luck.

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