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“I wanted to have some backyard chickens but the township I live in doesn’t allow us to raise any chickens in our yard. With the popularity of raising backyard chickens, many cities and townships are changing their laws on this.

Do you have any material or can you recommend any material that delineates how to go about getting these laws changed? Would need factual information about how it has worked out in other towns too. Thanks for any information you can give me.” ~ Ruth Ann Martin

Ruth Ann,

You are not alone in your desire to keep chickens in an area where they are prohibited. I get this same question often from readers all over the world.

I cannot give you any specific recommendations as each area is going to have different governing entities and procedures to follow and I don’t know where you’re writing from.

However, I can give you a few pointers.

First you’ll need to find out what department in your government prohibits the keeping of chickens.

Find out why the restrictions are in place.

Do some research to find other townships in your area where the restrictions have been overturned.

If possible, contact someone who was instrumental in changing the law in their township.

Find other people who would like to keep chickens and are willing to work with you to try to make the change.

File the appropriate paperwork, gather the necessary signatures if required.

Follow whatever steps are put forth to change a law.

It may be a long, difficult process but just remember that others have successfully changed restrictions.

Even if you can’t keep roosters, you may be able to keep hens when all your hard work is done.

Best of luck.

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