How Much Room Do My Hens Need To Roam?

“I was curious how much room my hens need to roam and still be happy. I was letting them roam the entire yard but spring is near and I would like to give the young blooms and flowers a fighting chance to grow. Thanks for your time!” ~ Diana

Hi Diana,

Thanks for the question.

If your ladies are used to having freedom, I’d give them a little more room than the standard recommendation of 8-12 square feet per bird.

You might want to make the run mobile or provide multiple areas that you can rotate the flock between. This will keep the area ground underneath the chickens from being pecked clean.

There’s an old saying, if you keep your chickens in a permanent run, you’ll either start them on dirt or they’ll end up on dirt.

So if you have grass that you want to survive, plan on moving them around every few days.

This will also keep them from depleting the soil of all the bugs and worms in one area and they’ll have a fresh supply every few days.

Thanks again Diana,

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