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Baby chicks are without a doubt the most adorable little creatures around. Their fluffy yellow fur gives them the appearance that they are bigger then what they are. Don’t be fooled these baby chicks do require a bit of attention, as does any newborn baby animal.

Baby chicks are a bit of a handful, they are curious, and often get into mischief. So keeping them contained in their special area will give you the sanity that you need, and prevent them from getting into something that can harm them.

It’s important to offer your new baby chicks a proper home that will keep them safe and offer them the warmth that they require to grow up to be a full grown egg laying chicken.

It’s extremely important that you find a suitable house for them, and this is not difficult at all.

There are many different places online that you can purchase a containment system for your chicks, or you can even build your own with a cardboard box. This is a choice that you must make. Building your own little home for your new baby chicks will save you a good amount of money, and you can build this using wood or a simple cardboard box.

First things first you will need to have a plan and your plan must fit certain requirements that are important to the health of your new pets. There are some factors that can actually harm them, such as their temporary home put near drafty windows or doors, the lack of a good infrared heat lamp, or the ability for them to jump out of the box. So during your planning stages it’s important that you are taking these factors into account.

Make a solid decision on the placement of their home, and this will help you to decide on the size of the shelter. Then you will need search for the necessary plans on the internet or if you are handy then you can design your own custom plans with as little or as many added features as within your budget.

You can easily find many chicken coop plan’s online, some of them are going to be free, but there are also many more that will cost you a few dollars. Deciding on a budget will help you to make your decision much easier because building these can go from affordable to expensive very quickly because of all of the additional things that you can add.

Getting your new pets at an early age is always much more fun. You get the chance to watch them mature. It’s funny to see the pecking order take place even when their extremely young, they cluck around one another until the determination of who is boss is set in stone. Five years later the same chicken that was head of the order is still at the head of the crowd.

Owning chickens has so many great benefits. This is one pet that actually will have more then affection and companionship to offer you. These amazing pets will give you fun and enjoyment, but they will give you eggs on a weekly basis.

The amount of eggs will be determined by the type of breed that you have, and the amount of chickens that you have. You should always have more than one chicken. These birds are social and enjoy the company of other chickens. It will help them to live longer and healthier lives as well. Remember to keep the baby chicks area clean and have plenty of water for them.

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