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Chickens can make for some pretty amazing pets that have great personalities and will offer endless amusement and shockingly funny entertainment. However there are some things that you must know about chickens before you actually own them. This goes for any type of pet that you plan on raising. Understanding these things will help you to keep your chicken friends healthy and happy.

One great thing about having chickens for pets is that they require very minimal attention, unlike a pet dog that can be very demanding. The little attention that your pet chicken does need however is extremely important, such as keeping the coops clean, daily playtime, feeding and water. Chickens have many hidden dangers, and many of them can be prevented as long as you offer them a clean coop, proper food and daily water.

Let’s take a look at how to raise chickens when they are just baby chicks.

Chicks are absolutely adorable and generally during Easter time you will find that they are sold in many stores. These little baby chicks are nearly irresistible. Their fluffy fuzzy yellow fur is so soft and cuddly and definitely increases the desire to own one. But there are some things that you must understand to offer them the proper care.

These little baby chickens will need to be kept in a warm area. The sufficient temperature will need to be between 90 and 100 degrees, and this should decrease 5 degrees each week. You need to house the chick in a box that they cannot hop out of and put a 100-watt bulb at one end of the box. You will not need to heat the entire box but they need an area to warm themselves.

Chicks require time to play with you and also need to have time outside to play. When your chick goes outside you will need to be sure that they are in a secure area because they do like to explore and can find their way into a bit of trouble. It’s not easy to catch them and if they have a large area to run it will be much harder to catch them. So the smaller the place the easier it will be.

It’s absolutely amazing to watch these little baby chicks grow up into adult chickens. You’ll find that as babies they begin the pecking order. This is how they determine who the boss is. It’s funny to watch as they flap their little wings and circle around one another.

Chickens are not only great pets that will offer you endless amounts of fun, but they will benefit your organic garden as well. You can use their manure in your compost pile and it will definitely improve the growth of your garden naturally.

I would suggest if you make the decision to purchase a chick this Easter holiday that you buy more than one of them. Chickens are social animals and enjoy playing with other people and also more chickens. Playing with other chickens will help to keep the chickens occupied and offer them warmth during the colder months.

You can find books right near the chicks in the store when you purchase them. It’s a good idea to pick one up, or you can learn more about raising them by researching it on the internet. These baby animals need to be taken care of properly in order to make it a full grown healthy adult chicken.

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