Chicken Keeping Basics – The Anatomy of a Chicken Egg

In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about hatching your eggs. Before we get to that, it’s important to understand the anatomy of an egg. It’s a little technical this week but hang in there. You’ll be candling your eggs at particular intervals throughout the incubation period and knowing what you’re looking at and looking…

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Keeping Chicken Eggs Fresh

“What is the best way of keeping the chicken eggs? Should they be kept in the fridge or not?” ~ Nikki Ward Nikki, this is a great question, there’s a lot of confusing information out there. As part of the formation of the chicken egg, it is covered in a thin membrane called the “bloom”.…

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Raising Your Own Chickens Improves Your Health

It seems like a bold statement to make, “Raising Your Own Chickens Will Improve Your Health”, doesn’t it? But there are so many amazing advantages to raising chickens other than the regular supply of eggs they will provide you with.

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